Our Story


Phil started his apprenticeship in 2001 at Molson Breweries with Steveston Industrial Electric, a small company focused on quality and service.  His training was hands on and one on one.  He was taught to build things right the first time, to take the time to understand the project, and he was given the resources to excel.

Throughout his apprenticeship he moved from company to company seeking out Journeymen and opportunities to diversify his skill set and training.  As he was completing his training he settled in with a large electrical company in hopes of advancement and diversity of projects.  With a young family it only made sense.

A few years rolled by and the 2010 Winter Olympics were on the horizon.  Work was plentiful, but he wasn’t satisfied with his place within the company, so off he ventured to find something new and exciting.  HVAC was an interesting option.  Controlling air and water with electricity fascinated him, and he dove right in.  He spent years absorbing the knowledge offered to him, but in the back of his mind he knew something was still missing.  Quality and service from that humble beginning.

Wolton Electric Ltd. was founded in 2012 by Master Electrician Phil Wolton.

A message from Phil:

I’ve always loved building and constructing things.  Taking on renovations in my own house, sub-contracting what was beyond my skills, and taking on everything else.  I’ve never taken a short cut with the things that matter, quite frankly things just don’t last when you do.  Over the years I’ve watched the quality of construction degrade, the bottom line always being the most important thing.  The customer being placed second, and not getting what they’ve paid for.  I was very fortunate to get the start I did as an electrician, and I love the work I do.  Starting my own company was a logical step towards doing what I love and ensuring my clients get the quality and service they deserve!

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